Your Play Time ~ Anytime.

by Tammy Hamawi

Kahlil Gibran said “Forget not that the earth delights to feel your feet & the wind longs to play with your     hair”

When I was contemplating this blog, I was riding my bike with the sun and wind in my hair.  I felt light, happy and young.  How could such a simple activity generate inside me such a deep sense of self?  Grounding me around my thoughts and plans. Knowing this about myself allows me to add activities within my business day that encourage my positive mindset when tackling the days’ challenges and opportunities.

Taking your business day too seriously may not be doing your career any good! Leadership is demonstrated by the decisions we make within our own lives.  How can we demonstarte what great leaders we are, if we fail at leading our own ~ self, thoughts, emotions, health, finances etc…

So if today, your work or life feels overwhelming, one easy way to lighten your thoughts is to, “stand up, go out, look up to the sky and notice the colours & shapes & feel great that your eyes can see with so much details”. ” Take a deep breath & feel that thick oxygenated breath fill your lungs with life forming force”. “Jump up or twirl around & get that boost of energy vibrating through your whole body”. “Feel the wind (or lack of it) touching the exposed areas of your skin”.  “Acknowledge the beauty that is, within your self”.  By adding this ever so short “play time break“, it may save you & help you make that amazing decision you’ll feel happy you have made.

Dare to be Happy today!

I am on this journey with you too.

Tammy x

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Interview for Australian Institute of Company Directors.

by Tammy Hamawi

Australian Institute of Company Directors - InterviewThis is the transcript of the attached Interview with… Australian Institute of Company Directors – AICD

Tribunity’s tag line say’s it all, “Human Empowerment”. We mentor, coach and lead businesses, individuals and teams because we have successfully walked in their shoes. We bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience in business ownership, growth and management. We mainly service the corporate and business sector and enjoy working with highly motivated individuals. Success breeds success and that is a very true statement. Our objectives are to empower, teach and mentor people to discover learn and evolve. We walk our talk and everything we mentor on, we have the experience to back it up.

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned as a businesswoman?
A: I love this question but find it very hard to succinctly answer as there are too many pearlers to share. I would say being myself, believing in myself, investing in myself and respecting myself. Authenticity and integrity go a long way in business and anyone taking shortcuts in these areas crash eventually.

Q: In your role, what do you consider are some of the barriers facing directors/ businesses today?
A: I don’t notice barriers, which is reflective in the career I forged for the past 26 years. Being the first female in Australasia to be director, shareholder and GM of an International shipping company and create joint ventures that many would consider too hard or impossible comes from an attitude that only understands Potential.

Q: How important is it to have a strong voice from a governance and board perspective?
A: I am a strong believer in doing things well. Having a strong and clear voice brings clarity and direction. These are important factors that contribute to a successful board with clear goals and objectives.

Top five leadership/business coaching tips:
1. Always have the right attitude.
2. Remain Passionate to what you’re committed to.
3. Surround Yourself with the best skilled team for the business you have.
4. Invest in growth and innovation that suits your style and business model.
5. Improve communication flows within your organisation and team.

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Resilience, Vision and Courage ~ Tribunity Blog

by Tammy Hamawi

JKF quoting (Luke 12:48) once said “Those who much is given, much is expected”.

Spending yesterday visiting 4 amazing wineries in The Barossa, one of Australia’s most influential and internationally recognised wine regions; it reminded me that Resilience, Vision and Courage are the true currencies that shaped this region to what it is today.

It is easy to see magnificent estates on breathtaking land; filled with immaculate vines with inspiring stories behind every drop and assume “How Lucky are they to have this?”.  Then you learn about the history that was built on the backs of true pioneering WOMEN and MEN who worked together seamlessly and beat the odds to give us all a place we can visit, lose our worries, fall in-love again and as we say in French enjoy “ le Joie de vivre”.

Resilience taught through Sofie Schroeder, wife of Oscar (Benno) Pedro Seppelt from SEPPELTSFIELD winery (EST 1851). She had 21 pregnancies, 16 children with 13 who survived to adulthood.  Sofie  & Benno’s desire to build a community beyond their business meant that their responsibilities to their workers went beyond the normal call of duty. Sofie herself would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 150 people everyday while still in charge of maintaining the business accounts. A full time job on it’s own.  Can you just imagine the dedication and commitment to doing our very best no matter what.

Vision taught through Oscare (Benno) Seppelt, who at 21 took over after the death of his father. Benno went on to expand SEPPELTSFIELD until by the turn of the 20th Century it was Australia’s largest winery producing 2 million litres annually. Visionary thinking Benno, back in 1878, selected a 500 litre barrel of his finest port wine, which would lay in one spot for 100 years to be released as Seppeltsfield 100 year old Para Tawny Port. He would go on to instruct his people to do this every year laying another 500 little barrel ready to be bottled and sold 100 years on. How could we ever underestimate the power of vision in brining to us something so perfect a century later.

Courage taught through Peter Lehmann from PETER LEHMANN OF THE BAROSSA winery, who’s personal bravery in 1979 saw him leave the security of paid work as a grape buyer and to protect the livelihood of his mates; the independent Barossa grape growers and their treasured vineyards.  Back then a slump in the wine industry saw our government offer growers money to rip out their vines.  The fruit buyers (of which Peter work for) said they would no longer be buying any grapes due to the glut of existing stock.  Peter felt responsible and took action by borrowing money to purchase the run down winery, which today bear his name.  Peter offered the growers to buy their grapes and would pay them when he sold the wine. Today around 150 growers continue to sell their grapes to Peter Lehmann. Imagine you risking for something greater than just you.  What would you feel 30 years on! “Priceless Payoff”.

I started this blog today with an important biblical quote.  One that reflects the weaknesses in our society and what brings news to our attention. It is a time when we have so much yet we see so little.  Never in history have we had so much. I hope we can reflect on this today and make decisions for tomorrow to build on something bigger than ourselves.

With Love, Tammy.

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Lovely Day ~ Tribunity Blog

by Tammy Hamawi

I was flying back from Venice a couple of years back and had just left my sweetheart behind.  It was a long flight home via Dubai then Australia.  Being that I was a passionate DJ in Sydney from my late teens to early twenties, I just love music and the power it has over my emotions. To lift my spirits I’d play the song time and time again until I reached home.  I don’t have to be in a somber or sad place to appreciate the tunes this beautiful song brings. The images lifting our hearts and reminding us of the gratitude that is ours for the taking.  Forget the pills, the booze, the power play and the food gluteny as medicine, find your joy through music that lifts your heart.  Here is one I just love and so who else I should share it with is you.  My Tribunity family.

Love to you all and hope you’re having a lovely week.


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Sunshine ~ Tribunity Blog

by Tammy Hamawi

Everyday going into my office, the first thing everyone heard before they could even see my face was a happy and loud “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!!”. I just loved the responses & smiles from even the die hard cynics. I knew I connected with each one of these wonderful and talented souls in the best way I could to start our working day together. Our world of international shipping was a daily diet of problem solving, disaster control and putting out fires. It’s a tough industry with high costs and so many out of control challenges. For most of the time, we worked happy and felt fulfilled. We had great culture.

We underestimate how much this simple human acknowledgment is needed to remind everyone that they are appreciated. Vibrant Happy companies build vibrant happy teams and the results are vibrant happy clients who bring their business back.

How do you greet your team, your co-workers or anyone for that matter? How do you greet yourself when you first wakeup? It’s all in the mindset that sets the tone.

If you want to feel as warm as sunshine, you need to be as bright as the sun.

Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow”.

That is what I hope for you today and everyday of your life.

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“Impossible” is NOTHING

by Tammy Hamawi

muhammadaliIt’s been weeks since I’ve blogged. Moving then travel made time fly. I wanted to blog only when I felt I’d have something worthwhile to share…. I hope you’ve been well and that this message nourishes your soul and fuels you to take action today.

There have been times in business & life when I get that look, you know that stare that speaks the words…”It’s impossible”…  I often look blankly back as if I don’t understand these words. I don’t!!

Every champion, every hero, every human that reflects the greatness in which we are ALL designed will echo my belief… “Nothing is impossible”. And our teacher today is the great Muhammad Ali when he famously said

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men (&women) who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.

Today, this mindset is yours for the taking. You can choose to do one thing you felt was impossible or you can change your life by doing everything you felt was impossible. History is written by others before you who believed that “impossible” is NOTHING…  Keep that history going by being part of that story.

I may not know you, but my heart totally believes YOU CAN DO IT.

Just do it!!!

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