World Investor Magazine: Wealth & Your Limitless Potential

by Tammy Hamawi

This Article Published in World Investor Magazine Issue 214.

The difference between what we ‘think’ we want and what we ‘believe’ we deserve can often be the stumbling block in achieving our limitless potential.  Says Tammy Hamawi.

Change now happens at such speed that we are urged to consider new ways; new ways of thinking, new priorities and better ways to accessing an abundance of opportunities we never had before.  History (told or untold) is filled with stories of winners. Through their darkest moments and most difficult situations they forged a life so wealthy, that Bill Gates himself would be proud to endorse.

These courageous ones know only one way; and that is to believe in ones own inner perfection/potential. The opportunities are then limitless.

Consider the options you would take if you were a young boy, back in 1930’s and living in the deep South of USA.  Being regularly shooed away from white stores, white restaurants, white bathrooms, even white water fountains. On a long return bus trip from a debating contest, he and his teacher were told to stand so that white passengers could sit. In a downtown department store, an elderly woman once slapped him saying, “The little nigger stepped on my foot!”. That boy became a man and chose to ‘believe’ in equality, peace and his own potential. Armed with the teachings of his 3 main mentors: Gandhi, Henry Thoreau and the gospel, he chose to fight for what he believes through peaceful yet powerful actions. On April 4th 1968, He was shot dead, ending a life and beginning a powerful legacy. He is Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have you heard of Ricardo Semler. President of Semco SA, and author of two books: Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend? For nearly 25 years, Ricardo has let his employees set their own hours, wages, even choose their own IT. The result: increased productivity, long-term loyalty and phenomenal growth.  Born 1959 in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  at age 21 and after threatening to leave his father’s business due to clashes over management styles, he was given the reins and on his first day fired 60% of all his top managers. In 1990, through Brazil’s hyperinflation period, the Brazilian economy went into severe downturn and many companies declared bankruptcy. Semler and his loyal workers at Semco negotiated and agreed to wage cuts, management salaries were also cut by 40% and employees were given the right to approve all expenses. His firm’s revenues grew from US$35 million to US$160 million in just six years. Semco is now a US$400 million business with additional minority interests in companies that add up to $9 billion in market value. He is a man after my own heart as my leadership style has always been about believing and investing most in the partnerships and relationships with the people around me. That is why my experience in the shipping industry is more than my job descriptions, my income-ability my gender or the titles.

What are you prepared to do now in order to have history tell its story about you in the way you believe you deserve?  Be honest and take ownership.

Start this year with a wealth plan that you believe in. That you believe you deserve and you qualify clearly to yourself why you deserve this to happen.  In all four corners of your life (Financially, mentally, spiritually and physically) lies an opportunity for you to develop. List what you deserve financially and physically.  Add into that what you intend to learn more about and don’t forget to also plan for adventures and experiences that will nourish your spirit.  Plan how you will make this all happen and then as Nike says “Just do it”.

Tammy Hamawi.


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Interview for Australian Institute of Company Directors.

by Tammy Hamawi

Australian Institute of Company Directors - InterviewThis is the transcript of the attached Interview with… Australian Institute of Company Directors – AICD

Tribunity’s tag line say’s it all, “Human Empowerment”. We mentor, coach and lead businesses, individuals and teams because we have successfully walked in their shoes. We bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse experience in business ownership, growth and management. We mainly service the corporate and business sector and enjoy working with highly motivated individuals. Success breeds success and that is a very true statement. Our objectives are to empower, teach and mentor people to discover learn and evolve. We walk our talk and everything we mentor on, we have the experience to back it up.

Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned as a businesswoman?
A: I love this question but find it very hard to succinctly answer as there are too many pearlers to share. I would say being myself, believing in myself, investing in myself and respecting myself. Authenticity and integrity go a long way in business and anyone taking shortcuts in these areas crash eventually.

Q: In your role, what do you consider are some of the barriers facing directors/ businesses today?
A: I don’t notice barriers, which is reflective in the career I forged for the past 26 years. Being the first female in Australasia to be director, shareholder and GM of an International shipping company and create joint ventures that many would consider too hard or impossible comes from an attitude that only understands Potential.

Q: How important is it to have a strong voice from a governance and board perspective?
A: I am a strong believer in doing things well. Having a strong and clear voice brings clarity and direction. These are important factors that contribute to a successful board with clear goals and objectives.

Top five leadership/business coaching tips:
1. Always have the right attitude.
2. Remain Passionate to what you’re committed to.
3. Surround Yourself with the best skilled team for the business you have.
4. Invest in growth and innovation that suits your style and business model.
5. Improve communication flows within your organisation and team.

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Old Grounds for Future Women Leaders

by Tammy Hamawi

Recent story on Tammy Hamawi published in The Bulletin Autumn 2011 Edition ~ by St Catherine’s School, Waverley, Sydney.   St. Catherine’s prides itself on providing wide and varied opportunities to every girl who walks through the doors…

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by Tammy Hamawi

Helen Keller’s story reminds us of the meaning behind the word “dare”.  Becoming blind & deaf at 18 months of age, her world became a virtual cocoon. Imagine how limiting that would be! Yet to her, she “dared” to dream and design a life rich in achievements.  She became a prolific Author, a Lecturer, and a Political Activist.  Her courage and self belief makes her a name that many know and history records her achievements.  Who are you, to you?  What are you willing to “dare” to dream and go for?

These are some of the important answers I can help you with.

Live with fulfilment and power  ~ Tammy Hamawi

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by Tammy Hamawi

Words are what we use to communicate. The quality of our lives can be directly linked to the quality in which we communicate.  One of the words that we find hard to say is “Sorry”.

Not only say it, but use it appropriately and with integrity and meaning…. I know I can strive to be better at it.  It is empowering when you know you have done the right thing.  Say “Sorry” if that is what it takes to love someone you care about.

Don’t be singing like Elton John sang in his beautiful song:

“It’s sad, so sad
It’s a sad, sad situation
And it’s getting more and more absurd
It’s sad, so sad
Why can’t we talk it over
Oh it seems to me
That sorry seems to be the hardest word ”

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by Tammy Hamawi

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – Albert Einstein said that and we believe a man that discovered so much is a great teacher in reminding us all that no matter where we are today, under pressure or not, it is only through our imagination that we can start building our dreams.

Why not visualise and meditate like all great thinkers do today?

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by Tammy Hamawi

Move your face closer, tilt your head slightly, and then kiss the person you love.  Don’t waste a second wondering if you should.  At Tribunity, we believe it’s all about love!  Seize the moment!

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The Wheel of Life

by Tammy Hamawi

We can all think of times when our lives have been out of balance. Whenever we choose to prioritize one area of our life, other areas can suffer if we aren’t paying attention. Although willpower is often necessary to get things done, an imbalanced life leads to stress, anxiety and suffering relationships. The wheel of life is a powerful tool for finding where these imbalances are, by measuring your satisfaction or effectiveness in 8 core areas of life. Try it now »

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